Clear LED Poster -  Victoria's Secret

The newest all-n-one transparent LED digital poster designed to get you noticed

The Poster series LED transparent digital poster has been designed with simplicity and user friendliness in mind. The ClearLED Poster is sleek, lightweight, and convenient. Ideal for a multitude of installations, you can use the ClearLED Poster for window advertising as well as store announcements, tradeshow and event promotions, and drive-through specials.

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Out-of-the-box in three perfect size options.

The ClearLED Poster come in three useful sizes to meet your space requirements: 42″, 55″, and “. Avoid lengthy delays for custom factory builds, just select the size(s) you want and we’ll ship direct to your place of business.

The ClearLED Poser series is without doubt fast becoming the obvious replacement for time-consuming and costly paper based posters. ClearLED Posters will offer the following:

  • Save time and labor on posters changes-buy it and install it just once.
  • Make changes to content fast with easy t program software
  • Program to display static or video content.
  • 24/7 visibility-highly effective day and night and from a distance because of their unique and unparalleled brightness.
  • Built in light-sensors
  • 60% natural light filter (do not act as barrers or light inhibitors because of their unique transparency)

Buy it today and have it working in no time.

With the ClearLED Poster series, professional installers are optional. Select a trusted ClearLED partner in your area to take care f installing and maintaining your ClearLED Poster and save yourself some work. Or, if you are the do-it-yourselfer type you ClearLED Poster can be set up and operational in no time.

Manage your ClearLED Poster content for maximum exposure.

Once your ClearLED transparent LED poster is set up, you are in control. It’s easy to change the messaging on the display (static and video) simply through your computer, in real time, programmed in advance, or even remotely Your digital window poster never needs to be out-of-date again.

Unbeatable return on investment.

Leading fast food merchant, McDonalds in Mississippi, has proven ClearLED Posters deliver and deliver ~360% increase in sales when used to advertise products. Whether buying or leasing your ClearLED Poster, you’ll benefits from increased sales and brand awareness.

Transform your LED window display and get noticed.

ClearLED Poster is the surefire and professional way to get your product, services, or brand noticed day and night.

ClearLED Poster demonstrations - McDonald's window

Reap the benefits of ClearLED Posters

SEE THE DIFFERENCE TRANSPARENCY MAKES. ClearLED Posters offer unparalleled transparency (55% to 60%). Traditional non-transparent LED window posters act as a light blocker; ClearLED Posters allow natural daylight to filter in through brightly lit displays, while allowing shoppes to see in.

BRIGHTER THAN BRIGHT-SEE IT FROM FARTHER AWAY With up to 5500nits in brightness, our ClearLED Posters are visible 24/7, even in bright daylight, and beat paper based posters, non-transparent LED displays, projectors, and LCDs.

Feel the difference-lightweight and compact. Designed with efficiency and functionality in mind, ClearLED Posters are constructed using lightweight engineered aluminum and proprietary LED technology.

Energy efficient, longer lifetime, and robust ClearLED posters offer one of the highest energy consumption savings of any digital signage on the market today-better than incandescent light sources, LCD projection, and regular non-transparent LED displays.

Unbeatable pixel pitch-the highest density for the highest resolution Our super high-density pixel itch means sharper, more attractive, and noticeable imagery on your transparent display screen.

Easy setup and installation Set up your ClearLED Poster trasparent LED screen effrtlessly. power supplies are bult into the poster headrail, which make it easier and faster to hang or mount. You'll find that setup time is amazingly quick.

Specs ClearLED

  • Models P3S (42") | P3M (55") | P3L (63")
Module Size 636x864x25.4 mm | 845x1109x25.4 mm | 970x1267x25.4 mm
Weight 16kg per sq meter | 16kg per sq meter | 15kg per sq meter
Pixel Patch 3x6 mm | 3.3x6.6 mm | 3.3x6.6 mm
Brightness 5500nit | 5500nit | 5500nit
Transparency 55% | 60% | 60%
Display Resolution 212 x 144 pixels | 256 x 268 pixels | 294 x 192 pixels
Resolution 55,555 dot per sq meter | 45,895 dot per sq meter | 45,895 dot per sq meter
Ingress Protection IP20 | IP20 | IP20
Refresh Rate 1920 Hz | 1920 Hz | 1920 Hz
Viewing Angle 120/120 degrees | 120/120 degrees | 120/120 degrees
Minimum Viewing Distance > 6 meters | > 6 meters | > 6 meters
Power Supply UL Certified | UL Certified | UL Certified
LIfe Time 100,000 Hours | 100,000 Hours | 100,000 Hours
Video Signal Input Interface HDMI | HDMI | HDMI
Working Temperature Range -10 to +40 Centigrade | -10 to +40 Centigrade | -10 to +40 Centigrade
Minimum Power Consumption 168 watts/unit | 252 watts/unit | 378 watts/unit
Average Power Consumption 144 watts/unit | 216 watts/unit | 324 watts/unit
Maximum Power Consumption 480 watts/unit | 720 watts/unit | 1080 watts/unit